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The Boxing Day Bounce: Prepare Your Home For Interest

There are many things to like about the festive period and it is fair to say that we all have aspects and elements to look forward to. There is a great deal to be said for spending time with loved ones and the thought of being able to party, eat and drink over this time of year is hugely appealing. You can also see why a lot of people are keen to take things easy at this time of year and it may be that you have nothing more strenuous lined up for the period between Christmas and New Year than some selection boxes and a couple of box-sets.

This isn’t the case for everyone though and a lot of people decide that this is the ideal time of year to be busy or active. Anyone looking to start 2018 with a bang will want to use their time effectively and this period of time has become a very popular time for people looking for property. The phenomenon has become so notable that the term “Boxing Day Bounce” has been set-up and this indicates the level of interest that there is for homes at this time of year.

Rightmove found that this was a hugely popular time of year for property

The term first came to prominence in 2015 when Rightmove announced that they had a million visitors on site on Christmas Day[1] and then even more people on Boxing Day. The highest day for website visitors actually came on the first working day of the New Year when close to three million people made their way on to the Rightmove website. Perhaps the thought of settling back to normal in 2016 was enough to convince people that the time was right for a change but no matter the reason, this is a time of year when buyers look for property.

This means you should be looking to have your home on the market. Another reason to have your home on the market at this time of year comes with the fact that some property owners are not looking to sell at this time. There are many reasons why some people aren’t looking to sell their property at this time of year including wanting to enjoy the festive period with their loved ones or perhaps being busy with other activities.

Some sellers don’t want to be active at this time of year

Either way, you should be able to see how this combination is of benefit to people who are keen to sell their home. The Boxing Day Bounce provides a high volume of interested buyers and a smaller number of sellers, and this means that you have a greater chance of being found by the buyer who will move forward with an interest in your home.

If you are keen to sell your home at this time of year, it makes sense to call on the experts for support. We are on hand to provide you with the guidance you need and if you’re looking to benefit from The Boxing Day Bounce, we will ensure you get the support and help you require so get in touch.


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